International Adoptions

International adoptions, after increasing in frequency for many years, are now on the decline, due to governmental crackdowns in the wake of numerous baby-trafficking scandals. New rules now apply to child adoption and custody matters, and people seeking to adopt abroad must abide by these rules.

Successful International Adoption For The Dallas, Texas, Region

These factors must be in order:

  • The home country of the child in question must allow adoptions by foreigners. Our office can help research this and comply with any special rules relating to that country.
  • The child must be no older than 16 years and must be an orphan.
  • The adopting parents must be 25 years old or older and be U.S. citizens. (If they are married, only one parent must be a citizen.)
  • The adoption can be finalized in the U.S., but the adoption itself must occur in the country of origin. As an alternative, the adoptive parents must gain legal custody of the child.
  • An agency must evaluate the adoptive family and ensure that the home is suitable for the child.

The evaluation is something our office can help you prepare for. The agency will want to visit the home and interview all adults living there. Officials will make a physical, mental and emotional assessment of all adults. They will want to know about family finances and any criminal history. Each adult will be asked to write an autobiographical statement, and you will be instructed in the special problems arising with the adoption of a child from abroad.

Assistance With Every Kind Of Foreign Adoption

Only when the adoption process is complete should you apply for an IR-3 or IR-4 immigrant visa for your child from the consular office of the child’s country of origin. They want to be certain the adoption is proper, that the child truly is an orphan, and that there are no medical conditions that would make adoption prohibitive. A certificate of citizenship should follow in a few weeks.

Immigration attorney Mark E. Jacobs will be pleased to assist you at every stage of this exhaustive process and guide you through to successful adoption. To learn more contact Dallas international adoption lawyer Mark E. Jacobs at 972-445-7577, or write to him using this email link.

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