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PERM Process

In order to employ foreign nationals at a U.S. office, employers must usually go through the labor certification/PERM process. The process involves proving that there are no qualified U.S. workers available for the job and that the wage offered is the prevailing wage.

PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) is an electronic filing system used by the U.S. Department of Labor to track the labor certification process for employers seeking lawful green cards for employees. While the PERM process has streamlined labor certification, it has also introduced specific procedures and requirements that can be difficult to understand without the help of an experienced labor certification/PERM lawyer. We understand the PERM process and help employers do what is necessary to apply for lawful permanent residence status for their employees.

Employment Visa Backlog

There are a limited number of visas available in any given year. The waiting list for visas in any certain category can back up, leaving many individuals with the need to explore other options in other countries. Other employees may be working through a green card, but they could run out of time and not be able to secure labor certification immediately. This means that the employee will have to leave the United States. Employers based in the United States are losing qualified employees because of the arduous wait.

However, there are exceptions. If an individual is in a management-level position or is recognized as someone at the top of his or her field, or the company worked for is international in scope, the process may be accelerated.

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