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Mark E. Jacobs, P.C. Dallas Immigration Lawyer

There are lawyers you are happy never to see again, and there are lawyers you see as friends, even years after your problem was resolved.Mark E. Jacobs, P.C., has been addressing the legal problems of the immigrant community for more than 25 years. Attorney Jacobs knows the law, and he stays up to date with the latest developments. Just as important, as the son and grandson of immigrants, he understands the stresses and difficulties of living in a new land and dealing with its many requirements.

We assist with every kind of problem:

  • Visas for your family or fiancé(e)
  • Criminal defense as it affects immigration status
  • Protection against deportation
  • Adopting children in other countries
  • Obtaining citizenship
  • Other immigration matters
  • Assistance in requesting asylum

We invite you to take a look at our practice areas and the way we do business. The focus of our practice is squarely on helping people and their family members enter, live and work in the country legally.


Mark E. Jacobs

Attentive Sensitive Knowledgeable

In dealing with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or the courts, you want a lawyer who is experienced and up to date, a lawyer you can trust your future to, a lawyer who is persistent, who never gives up on clients. There's a joke about opera: "It's not over till the fat lady sings." That's how we feel at Mark E. Jacobs, P.C. Immigration law is a terrible mess, in deep need of comprehensive reform. Until that happens, our firm is committed to providing honest, top-quality service to the immigrant community of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas.

Costs: We understand that cost is an important consideration. Our fees are neither the highest nor the lowest. Our goal is to deliver value — results that improve your life. Sometimes immigrants are taken in by "legal mills" that crank out cases, but have little commitment to your case or your situation. It is always best to work with an actual lawyer, not a notario or someone offering legal advice on the cheap.

Location: We're easy to find. Our office is one mile north of the intersection of the LBJ Freeway and the Dallas North Tollway.

Dallas immigration attorney Mark Jacobs is one of the most trusted names in Dallas immigration law. Call him for a free first consultation at Mark E. Jacobs, P.C., at 972-616-4091 — or write to him using this email link.

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Mark Jacobs is one of the most trusted names in Dallas immigration law.
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