Naturalization & Citizenship

Becoming a United States citizen is a major milestone in an immigrant’s life. At the law office of Mark E. Jacobs, P.C. in Dallas, Texas, we take pride in helping clients become citizens of this country. We strongly encourage clients to become U.S. citizens as soon as they are eligible.

At our law office, we help individuals determine whether they are eligible for citizenship and take the steps necessary to reach the last step in their immigration journey: naturalization. Contact us today.

Helping Your Dreams Become Your Future

Dallas-Fort Worth naturalization and citizenship lawyer Mark E. Jacobs communicates with clients about the legal rights and protections that they can receive as citizens as opposed to having any other status. There are many opportunities for citizens that are not available for resident aliens, including:

  • Citizens have the right to vote in all state and national elections
  • Eligibility for social welfare benefits is not as restrictive for citizens as it is for lawful permanent residents
  • Bringing other family members to this country becomes faster and easier
  • A person married to a United States citizen becomes eligible for citizenship three years after becoming a lawful permanent resident

Aside from the tangible benefits of U.S. citizenship, the swearing in ceremony is an important and moving moment for anyone seeking citizenship. For many, it represents the culmination of a goal and a dream to become a United States citizen. Many come from countries with oppressive leadership and do not have the rights and benefits that the United States provides. Our reward as immigration counsel is helping those dreams come true.

Contact a U.S. Citizenship Lawyer in Texas

For more information, or to schedule an appointment regarding U.S. citizenship, please contact Dallas-Fort Worth naturalization and citizenship attorney Mark E. Jacobs.

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