Immigration Bond Hearing Lawyer

When a family member is in immigration detention, your first objective is to get him or her released. You do this by posting bond — an amount of money between $1,500 and $20,000 or more at an immigration bond hearing.

Posting bond is not always an option. If a serious criminal offense is involved and the risk of flight appears high, the Department of Homeland Security will not let you post bond at any level. Other times, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will demand an amount that the family simply can’t afford.

Obtaining Release From Immigration Detention

Very often, the family looks at the price tag on the bond, and they despair. The prospect of spending months or even more in detention is unacceptable. With deep regret, they agree to a grant of voluntary departure or expedited removal. They give their family member up to be deported.

This does not have to happen. Bond hearings are much more successful when you have the assistance of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer like Mark E. Jacobs, who can deal with the questions confidently and effectively. He will show that your family member poses no danger to the public, is involved in the community, is gainfully employed and has no serious criminal convictions.

Serving The Immigrant Community Throughout Northern Texas

Mark E. Jacobs will make the case for the lowest possible bond. He will document and demonstrate why your family member deserves to be released on bond from jail, and he will explain why low bond is most appropriate to your case.

Don’t take on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) by yourself. Arm yourself with the experience and persistence of one of the most trusted names in Dallas immigration law. Call Dallas immigration bond hearing attorney Mark E. Jacobs at 972-445-7577 or write to him using this email link.

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