Immigration Detention

Did you know that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been ordered by Congress to maintain a steady rate of 34,000 persons in immigration detention?

It’s known as the “detention bed mandate,” and it sets a quota for immigrant detainees. This mandate is just one reason detention of foreign nationals has been increasing in recent years. Other reasons include: new powers given to Homeland Security and ICE, partisan politics, and the growing ability of the government to locate and identify people, using the latest technology.

Nearby Texas Immigrant Detention Centers
Dallas Immigrant Detention Center, Dallas
Rolling Plains Detention Center, Haskell
Don Hutto Residence, Taylor
Johnson County Detention Center, Cleburne

Immigration detention has reached crisis levels. If you or a family member has been detained this way, you need to call an immigration lawyer who will move quickly to assert your rights.

When family members are detained, it can be challenging to track them down. Helping them in their predicament is even more challenging. Dallas immigration detention lawyer Mark E. Jacobs works with family members to connect with detainees, and with detainees to obtain release.

Triggering Factors In Immigration Detention

Detention is not arrest. It is a way for government to hold onto a person and ensure that they appear before Immigration Court. Detention occurs when Homeland Security or ICE officials are dealing with persons:

  • Who have committed a crime
  • Who arrived at the border without a visa and then requested status
  • Who have an outstanding removal (deportation) order on record
  • Who have skipped immigration hearing dates
  • Who are flight risks

Immigration Jail ∙ Getting You Out

Our firm can help you locate a detained relative, and advise him or her about their rights. We will determine if the detainee is eligible for release on bond. Bonding eligibility can be challenged by requesting a hearing.

As you know, detention is a dangerous event that can lead to removal. Talk to Mark Jacobs. He will tell you in a straightforward fashion what can be done, and he will focus his energy and knowledge on restoring your loved one’s freedom.

Don’t take on Homeland Security and ICE by yourself. Arm yourself with the experience and persistence of one of the most trusted names in Dallas immigration law. Call attorney Mark E. Jacobs at 972-445-7577, or write to him using this email link.

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