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Securing residency is an important goal for any immigrant. If mistakes are made in your case, and you are denied relief, it might be appropriate to appeal that decision. At the law office of Mark E. Jacobs, P.C. in Dallas, Texas, we have both experience and success in appealing immigration cases for clients.

If you have been denied relief by an immigration judge after going through the entire court system and process, an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can help. We will research areas in which the judge might have made a mistake in applying the law, interpreting the facts, or in using his discretion.

Immigration laws change often, so what was not allowed at trial could be allowed at the appeal. In addition, sometimes the facts and your personal circumstances change. For example, maybe you got married after your case. At the law office of Mark E. Jacobs, P.C., we will push for a reconsideration of your case if the situation has changed.

If you are in the midst of the citizenship or lawful permanent resident process and you find out it is taking longer than it should, we can file an immigration lawsuit in federal court to compel USCIS to complete your case.

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