Fiancé(E) Visas

You may really love another person and want to share a life together. But the U.S. government can be very unromantic. Obtaining fiancé visas and green cards is a frustrating, time-consuming and document-intensive process. But with the help of an experienced immigration lawyer like Mark E. Jacobs, of Dallas, you and your loved one can obtain the K-1 status.

Overcoming Obstacles To Obtaining A Spouse Visa

Obtaining a fiancé visa is a five-step process:

  1. You file an application with the USCIS in this country.
  2. When your application is approved, your case goes to the U.S. consulate in your fiancé’s native country.
  3. Your fiancé completes documentation there.
  4. Your fiancé submits to a medical examination.
  5. She is interviewed in the U.S. consulate, which then grants the visa.

Many things can go wrong along this route. Thousands of applications are rejected every year for trivial reasons: a misunderstanding of what information is required, the omission of key information or an innocent factual error. Sometimes you are up against a clerk or consulate worker who seems to want to block your application. You either give up or you go back to the beginning and start over.

A Texas Immigration Lawyer With Knowledge, Commitment And Experience

With the assistance of an experienced, knowledgeable immigration lawyer, these errors and delays can be avoided, and you can obtain your visa in the shortest amount of time — usually about four to six months.

Don’t take on USCIS by yourself. Arm yourself with the experience and persistence of one of the most trusted names in Dallas immigration law. Call Dallas fiancé visa attorney Mark E. Jacobs at 972-445-7577, or write to him using this email link.

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