H-2B Temporary Visas Expanded for 2024

Seasonal and temporary workers in nonagricultural jobs will see their opportunities increased in 2024. The visas given to these workers, H-2B visas, are set at 66,000 per year by Congress. More visas can be made available by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) when necessary.

DHS recently announced that it will add the maximum allowable H-2B visas, 64,716, in the coming year.

The Benefits of Flexible Visa and Immigration Rules

There are many different visas covering a wide range of situations. There are visas for diplomats, workers in specialized industries, journalists, tourists and more. Nonimmigrant visas are for people coming to the US temporarily. Immigrant visas are for people looking to live here more permanently.

The breadth of visas and the flexibility built into the granting system are vital. Many industries rely on workers who are not US citizens for a number of reasons. For example, the H-2B visa is reserved for workers doing jobs where there aren’t enough US workers available.

The employers who hire H-2B visa holders are required to prove to the Department of Labor that they tried and failed to get US workers to do the job. Furthermore, workers who hold H-2B visas are protected from exploitation. This means employers can’t avoid hiring US workers by creating jobs that fail to meet minimum standards.

Immigrant Visas Are Different

The goals of living and working in the United States are different. Immigrant visas are categorized together because they have immigration-related purposes. They’re about more than filling a temporary job or going on an American vacation.

In some cases, you may come to the US for one purpose and later want to stay for another purpose. It’s possible to change your status from nonimmigrant to immigrant. You must do so carefully, however. A mistake can have serious consequences.

If you came to the US on a nonimmigrant H-2B visa and fell in love with and married a US citizen, your immigration situation has changed. The H-2B visa will end with the seasonal or temporary job. So, if you want to stay longer, you must take action to pursue the correct legal path to remain in the country.

Family Members of Temporary Workers

The spouse and children (under 21) of an H-2B visa holder can also seek admission to the United States. H-4 nonimmigrants can be admitted to the country, but they won’t have the right to work while they’re here.

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