7 Immigration Application Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Dealing with any aspect of immigration can be difficult. You may find yourself wondering about the various forms you need to fill out and meetings you may need to have with immigration officials. While you certainly want to make sure that your affairs are in order, you may not know where to find the best information that relates to your case.

Having the right immigration facts can make a considerable difference in your situation. Therefore, you may want to refrain from simply trying to go through the process alone and guessing at whether you may be providing the right information or taking the right steps. If you do, you may end up making one or more of several possible mistakes that could greatly hinder your process.

Common mistakes applicants make

Because going through any type of immigration-related proceeding can be complex, the possibility for mistakes is high. Unfortunately, even a seemingly minor mistake could derail your attempts to gain immigration benefits or work toward obtaining citizenship. In order to keep your case on track, you may want to avoid the following common errors:

  1. Providing the wrong information in hopes of gaining approval for benefits
  2. Applying for benefits simply because a friend or relative applied and gained those benefits
  3. Failing to respond to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in a timely manner
  4. Failing to provide the proper fees when filing applications
  5. Not appearing for court hearings or interviews
  6. Sending information to the wrong USCIS office
  7. Attempting to gain benefits for which you do not qualify

The journey toward citizenship or gaining other immigration benefits is not one that allows you to send in documents and then simply sit back and wait for approval. You will need to make sure that each part of your application and other documents has the correct information, and you will need to go to any hearings or interviews required by the USCIS.

How to avoid mistakes

You have undoubtedly already been on a long road attempting to reach your immigration-related goals. As a result, you certainly do not want to upset your efforts by making a simple mistake or misunderstanding actions you need to take. One of the best ways to help yourself avoid common mistakes is to have the right legal information.

Additionally, you may want to remember that you do not have to try to complete your forms and go through the process on your own. You have the opportunity to obtain assistance from an attorney who can help you along your immigration path.

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