The Return of the Visa Lottery

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program begins taking applications this month. The program, sometimes referred to as the visa lottery, has operated for more than 30 years. 

The program’s goal is to diversify the group of immigrants who are granted visas or green cards by choosing applicants from countries that have been granted relatively fewer visas in recent years. Applications for 2023 visas will be accepted from October 6th to November 9th this year. 

Application Requirements 

There are two necessary conditions to apply for the DV-2023 visas. First, you must be a foreign national from a qualifying country. Some notable countries are excluded from the diversity visa program, including Canada, China, Mexico, South Korea, Venezuela, and the United Kingdom. 

Second, you must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent education or have work experience covering at least two of the past five years in an eligible field. 

The Odds of Winning the Lottery 

For DV-2022, the Department of State received more than 7 million qualified entries. A computer drawing randomly selects 55,000 winners from among the applicants who gain legal permanent resident status. The lottery is considered an easy way to immigrate to the US, but the small size of the program means the odds of winning are not good.

Avoiding Scams 

One of the benefits of a randomized computer lottery is that it gives a broader range of people a chance to win. You do not need a sponsor or a particular skill set to qualify. It doesn’t matter who you know, as long as you fill out the application correctly. 

Unfortunately, there are people who will claim to have a way to bend the system in your favor for a fee. Applying for the Diversity Visa Program is free. The application must be submitted electronically and only one entry per person is allowed in each year of the program. 

Once you have correctly submitted your application, you have done everything you can. No fees are involved unless your application is selected in the random drawing. 

Learn More About Visa Programs by Calling Mark E. Jacobs 

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