Who Is Eligible For Asylum In The United States?

Immigration is a complex legal area, and it is a sensitive issue for many people who already reside in Texas or wish to come to the United States. Traditionally, this country has been a place of refuge and safety for people who are fleeing from violence and security concerns. If you are one of these people, you will find it beneficial to understand the terms refugee and asylum, and what they may mean for you.

People who are running from violence or meet other specific criteria may qualify for a status that would grant them permission to enter the country. Individuals who wish to know more about this option would be wise to seek a complete explanation from a legal professional with experience in immigration laws.

Understanding refugee and asylum status

People who could qualify for refugee or asylum status must be running from some type of persecution or threat to their personal safety because of their ethnicity, religion and other factors. Some of these people may qualify for refugee status, such as those who meet the following qualifications:

  • They are facing a real and very serious threat to their personal safety.
  • They are from a group or country that is presently a special humanitarian concern to the United States.

Refugees are often living outside of their home country because they are not able to return to their home for fear of harm or death. A person who wishes to obtain refugee status must do so while still outside of the United States. People who wish to have the protected status of asylum must meet the following qualifications:

  • A person who wants asylum must currently meet the definition and qualifications of refugee status.
  • An asylum seeker must request this status at an official port of entry into the country.
  • The person who is seeking asylum must already be in the United States.

A person may be able to seek asylum status regardless of his or her immigration status or home country.

Your immigration concerns

You have the right to know your options and your rights regarding immigration or protected statuses, such as asylum status or refugee status. You would more than likely benefit from a full understanding of the options available to you in order to ensure that you do not encounter unnecessary delays or complications as you pursue entry to the United States and protection for yourself and your loved ones.

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