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What Is Adjustment of Status?

It’s the goal of many to live and work within the US permanently. To do so, you must obtain your green card, which requires you to complete the adjustment of status process.

What Is an Adjustment of Status?

An adjustment of status is the process you must follow to apply for lawful permanent resident status while you’re within the US. Through an adjustment of status, you can be living within the US—you don’t have to return to your home country to complete the process.

How to Apply for an Adjustment of Status

There are a few critical steps involved in an adjustment of status. To begin, you’ll need to determine if you’re eligible for a green card. Eligibility differs depending on your immigrant category. For example, you can apply for a green card by:

  • Being an immediate relative of a US citizen
  • Being married to a US citizen
  • Being employed within the US
  • Being a refugee or asylee for at least one year

Next, you’ll need to file form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, with the USCIS. You’ll also need supporting documentation and applicable fees. Once your application is submitted, you’ll need to provide your fingerprints and other documentation at a local Application Support Center (ASC).

If required, the USCIS will also schedule you for an interview appointment. During your interview, you’ll be asked questions about your desire to live in the US permanently. If the USCIS determines eligibility and acceptance after your interview, you’ll receive your green card.

What Is Adjustment of Status? | Mark E. Jacobs | iStock-1211256548
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How Long Does the Adjustment of Status Process Take?

The green card process can take some time. Some processes can take a matter of months, while others may take a few years. It all depends on your unique situation. An immigration attorney can help you avoid delays by ensuring you complete each step in the process.

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